Creating Testsuite and Testcase SkeletonsΒΆ

The utah-client package includes a utility called phoenix that helps create a skeleton layout. It can be used like this:

phoenix example_testsuite example1 example2

This creates a testsuite directory example_testsuite in the current directory with two testcase directories example1 and example2 inside. In addition a, ts_control, and tc_control files for each testcase. A file is created as well to aid in development. NOTE: the file will generally be written by a person wishing to run a set of testsuites and/or testcases and will not be a part of a testsuite.

To add a testcase to an existing testsuite:

phoenix example_testsuite example3

This will add an example3 testcase directory to the example_testsuite testsuite as well as adding an entry to the testsuite’s From within a testsuite directory this can be shortened to:

phoenix . example3
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